Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goodbye Toronto! Hello Montreal!

...and so I spend my last night in the lovely wooden-floored apartment/studio/metaphorical cave where I have been living for the past few months. I should have perhaps said "Bonjour Montreal" in the title, but that is perhaps letting you assume that I will be perfectly at ease with speaking French when I get there, which will not be the case (though I will attempt to garble my way through mispronounced conversation from time to time).

To everyone in Toronto, it has been lovely meeting you, and I would like to let you know that I will be back for a few days in June if you must must must see me. I will be having a small art show at Robber, (more details to come) and you are very much invited.

I have also just re-stocked Katherine Mulherin Gallery (Board of Directors) with some more drawings (including the original "Power over Kitties") and prints, and I've dropped off a few more of my knitted animal brooches at Model Citizen in Kensington markets.

Hmmm, really should get on with packing then I suppose.


Nightjar Books said...

that is the most cute picture possible. Toronto will miss you!!!!!! (that much)

Michelle said...
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michelle said...

i hope you have a great time in montreal and thank you for coming to toronto!!!! oh, my name is michelle. we have met before at the hunt & gather show, i think i was a little creepy. AND i've ordered stuff from your etsy cos i love getting packages in the mail!

i had signed in with the wrong account ^

michelle said...

oh yeah, i was so excited to see you in frankie magazine. i think i yelled outloud when i saw your poster!

karyn said...

that picture IS crazy cute, just like you. thank you for my two bunnies (drawn & knit) have a great time in montreal. hope to see you again soon.

b.a said...

it's great to see your talented, pretty face!