Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rain rain rain

So the good news... it's warming up a little here in Toronto. Bad news? Rain. Not that I don't like rain, but I can't go outside right now because my shoes are not in any way "water resistant" (they are full of holes and I don't like owning more than one pair of shoes). Hopefully the new shoes that I ordered online will arrive next week. I don't think I really ever buy anything from real life shops anymore, other than food. Last year when I was getting an eye exam they asked me about payment at the end and I misheard and started quoting my paypal address.

Starting some new art projects this week, had a burst of inspiration this afternoon which was awesome. Now I have eaten too much lunch however, (mmm walnut bread) and I can never concentrate on art after eating too much. I just feel too contented. My desk is set up so nice right now, I have my little collection of art and my paper bag full of knitting projects all within reach. I was going through some of my papers and documents yesterday and rediscovered the wonderful narwhal painting that I bought from Oliver Hunter from the Lines on Paper exhibition I curated last year...
Oliver Hunter Narwhal
I love the galaxy of his face.

Over the last few days Tim and I have been discussing what we want to do with our lives, after our trip to Canada and the U.S is over at the end of the year. We've come up with some ideas that I am kind of excited with, regarding places where we might like to live, jobs we could do etc. As much as I like traveling around, adventuring and seeing new things, I feel like it would be nice to have a more permanent home some time. Perhaps with a little garden with a pear tree in it.

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sasi said...

what are your plans? where will u go? will u come to berlin?
i am actually going to the us next year for about 4 month. it s a shame that we are not over there at the same time. hope u guys feeling great! and that life is happy.