Saturday, February 7, 2009


The sole post from the blog about things that I like that I was going to start and then decided that I will just write things here...
These porcelain artworks from Ashley Goldberg are so nice. I want to get one to wear as a pendant but I can't decide between lavender and teal. She also has heaps of prints and art too.


rosalyn said...

ummm...tough choice!!!
they're both beautiful..but i'm leaning toward the lavendar one but i do love the teal's expression. let us know what u finally decide on! :)

ps. it was great meeting you at the workroom's trunk show today! hope to see u more - all the best in the new city

Sarah McNeil said...

thanks! yeah, it was such a wonderful little craft fair day (i also got a lot of knitting done) and lovely to meet you.

i feel like as the snow is melting i am slowly emerging from my winter home and doing and seeing more things in toronto.