Tuesday, February 24, 2009


New thing that I made (here too):
Acorn with coins

Massive order of brooches that I finally finished:
Mammal Mountain

Hopefully will have a bit of a break from work tomorrow to catch up on something that is not work. Hopefully.


Nightjar Books said...

whoa. overwhelmingly good.

Mila said...

Absolutely gorgeous!


Choux Box said...

oh those brooches are so cute and funny: where are you selling them? ALso, I saw your work in Frankie: absolutely gorgeous :)

Patti said...

love your drawings!

StellaForStar said...

How lovely!
Are they being sold on your etsy?

Sarah McNeil said...


To Choux Box...
The mountain of brooches are going to a new shop in Zurich. It hasn't opened yet, but when it does I'll have some photos of what they look like on display.

To StellaForStar,
Yes I am selling them in my etsy store too.

sasi said...

i love them! and the photos are really good as well by the way.