Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Love Love

Photos from the Love & Rumage show on the weekend at The Workroom (more photos here)
Above and below, my little trunk. Yaaay!

Above and below, Nightjar Books.

Above... more rummage! City of Craft shirts and vintage clothe from Jen Anisef.

It was fun. There were so many snacks. So so so many delicious snacks and a big banana and blackberry cream pie ahhhh....


Emily said...

Yours and Amy's trunks look so great!! I wish I was there : )

Nightjar Books said...

oh, pictures!

your trunk looked amazing, and ps I read your zine that night and it's pretty perfect.

so good to meet you!!

tjoyy said...

cute and cute

love your stitchin - hope you made loads of sales

art4friends said...

i love this little collection of things. and the images are just wonderful.

more so your illustrations are amazing and congratulations on being featured in frankie!! woo hoo!!!

renee xx