Monday, February 9, 2009

And a few more...

A few more new prints in my etsy shop. Going hardcore on the prints at the moment. Well as hardcore as one can get when they are drawing nice little pictures and then walking over to the print shop and talking to the nice man there.
"White Wolf" here
"In the winter it is Impossible to Survive without a Fire" 


Jesses Mess said...

Hey Sarah,

Beautiful beautiful prints.... Where do you get them printed, can I ask? I am in need of a nice printing man to get my own art printed and office works just isnt cutting it.

Also well done on frankie!


Anonymous said...

is 'in the winter it is impossible to survive without a fire' still available?
i'd really love to buy it.

Sarah McNeil said...

Hey Sianne,
I just relisted it at my etsy shop now. Or if you like you can just email me at and I can sell it to you via email.