Saturday, July 12, 2008

They are not animals anymore.

I did this drawing of the ghosts of arctic hunters. They don't need to eat, so I guess they just look at each other forever. Usually I suppose the polar bear will catch a seal and the fox will eat the scraps, or the fox will catch a rabbit and the polar bear is hungry so chases the fox away. But now they don't need to do that so they just look.

I've done another drawing called "The Ghosts of Your Enemies Are your Friends" that is similar to this one but it is a regular fox not an arctic one and a white rabbit. They are not enemies anymore as is suggested, but I am not quite sure that they are the best of friends. There is a very strong bond between them though. The strongest. When I get that drawing back from the exhibition it is in right now I will post it on my flickr I suppose.


Anonymous said...

i saw your work in curvy and i really love your drawings!

Sarah McNeil said...

thanks! i really like your work too (well what I can find on your blog thing... I will look at your art more when I am not so sleepy tomorrow)

thetinylittlegirl said...

adore your work! especially your bird brooches, so original and amazing :-)

design for mankind. said...

This is GORGEOUS, Sarah!

Thanks for visiting the blog and setting me straight re: the original vs. print of 'awesomeness forever.' It's a lovely piece.

I've updated the post so it's quite correct now! :)

Love to you, my dear. Keep up the fantastic work!

hokey said...

Hey, I just found your blog (what took me so long?!) and reconised your work, it's so lovely! I saw this piece at the black + white exhibition in the Nicholas building