Monday, July 7, 2008

"Lines on Paper" zine

Zine launched with the "Lines on Paper & Other Things" exhibition last week. Limited edition of 200. Hand photocopied, hand cut (well we did use knives too), hand folded, hand stiched, hand glued.

The artists featured are all (kinda) from Australia and they are all wonderful people:
Georgia Harris
Oliver Hunter
Alana Kingston
Sean Morris (whose drawing is on the cover, which by the way I bought because it is such an amazingly good drawing)
Maara Serwylo
Carmel Seymour
Bhavani Stoddart
Eveline Tarunadjaja


Do Yeah Media said...

ooh, can i buy a copy physically somewhere?

Sarah McNeil said...

oh, also at sticky too. i should write that thanks!

Roisiles said...

hi! i would like a copy, but i live in mexico!.. how can i purchase one from over here?


Sam said...

Hi Sarah,

I really like your work and I would love to commission you to design a tattoo for me. What's the best way to get in contact with you?


Sarah McNeil said...

hey sam... the best way to contact me is from my email address: And I would totally enjoy designing a tattoo. How exciting.

from Sarah

elfelix said...