Monday, March 31, 2008

New Zine

Well this week I have been making more birds (maybe I should take a group photo of all of them, instead of putting so many photos here?) but also I have made my "first" zine (if you don't count "No Butts" or various very small bookies). The said "first" zine is called... "Statistical Analysis of The Things That Happen But Dont Matter and everything else". Long convoluted title I know. Basically a zine with various charts and graphs about such important things as a pie chart of the colour of things in my house (the colour with the highest percentage is biege by the way).

If you wanna buy it, go to Sticky Zine Store in Melbourne, or click on this button:


The Hobbit said...

Just visiting...........Don't forget to make the zine fun too!!!!

Sarah McNeil said...

hey, graphs are always fun!